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Our Story
Enginuit began as the brainchild of three aspiring professionals; a manager, an engineer, and a designer. Tired of the limitation of cookie-cutter development typical to many major corporations, we were founded on three core values:

  • Ingenuity: Our staff of seasoned leaders excels in cleverness while delivering success.

  • Engineering: Great products require a higher level of motivation and understanding.

  • Innovation: The key to growing revenue for our clients, our partners, and our business is creativity.

Our staff of talented leaders is our true value. Our team consists of product development and management professionals with core expertise in the fields of Product Management, Engineering, Industrial Design, Marketing, Manufacturing, Computer Science, and Ergonomics. Our culture provides a professional playground where creativity, imagination, and inspiration thrive.

We understand the business of innovation. Our success is providing the maximum return on innovation to exceed the high standards set by our clients. Our history is brimming with creative and engineered solutions being delivered on budget, on target, and on time!

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